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-Felicia Fei-

Cosplayer, Freelance Singer; Japanese, Korean and Final Fantasy Geek.

Felicia Novita

Welcome to Felicia_Fei's Journal.
歓迎、ふぇい ふぇりしあ雑誌に
欢迎来到 Felicia_Fei 杂志
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About Me.
Currently doing cosplay aka Cosplayer and Freelance singer. Student of Informatics Department and the Administrator of Community of Final Fantasy Indonesia at Facebook. Still Pump it Up Player and DJ Max Technika player.
Final Fantasy & Kingdom Hearts Geek
Final Fantasy Fan since 2012s. Kingdom Hearts Since 2006s (But started to play it since 2014). Final Fantasy that have been completed : Final Fantasy X, X-2, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Dissidia 012 Duodecim. Currently Playing : Final Fantasy ATB (All The Bravest), Kingdom Hearts. Fave FF : Final Fantasy X
Running Man - Korean Variety Show- Geek
Running Man Fans since December 2012s. Currently Following till the latest Episode. Have been watching the series from the beginning till the latest one. Fave MC : Kim Jong Kook & Song Ji Hyo.
Asian Culture Lover.
Especially Japanese and Korean. Drama / Movie, Music, Food and Beverage, Tourism Objects are my faves.
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