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22 September 2016 @ 07:28 pm
According to My Live Journal....  
Dear all,

do you still remember about my last post about closing my journal? In this post, I'll give you statement about it and decision about my live journal.

I know it's kinda hard to close my Live Journal, since I have lot of memories here that really hard to forget. I had discussed with several members that I know well, angelbott and reiwave about it, and I know that we still can keep in touch although we haven't met at Live Journal (I mean in different Social Media). I kept thinking about what they suggested to me about my account, and It took almost 2 months (I remembered that I planned to close this account at August).

Like I said before, that I wanted to close this journal since I didn't use it anymore and lot of childish things that I had posted back then and I was unable to delete them. angelbott and reiwave told me that I should consider it once again, if there was another good way to keep my journal exist instead deleted it for good. I kept thinking for it whole time with some considerations :

1. If I closed this journal, I don't know if someday or maybe sometimes in the future that I will use it for my needs, then I re-create this journal again, with lot of things that I should do. (and yeah, this will be frustrating)
2. Sometimes I want to express what I feel (depression, happiness, sadness, etc)  in long way, there is no way that I use Facebook for it (since lot of people including family will notice it), I just hate using Facebook for long rants.

I have been considering it for a long time, so here's my decision :
I don't close this journal, but as best as I can, I will "clean" the old posts which shown my childishness and foolish Felicia. It will take long time to do it.

Last for not least, thank you so much once again for my friends who suggested some things about my live journal. You're really help me. I'm sorry if I keep making you worry about it.
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mocoharumamocoharuma on September 23rd, 2016 08:20 am (UTC)
OMG! I`m so glad to see you around here and thanks for your decision to maintain your lj, which makes me doubly happy... hope to see you more here... WELCOME back!
hugs much