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01 November 2014 @ 09:54 am
Another Yu Yu Hakusho game has arrived to Android OS and iOS~  
Another news from Yu Yu Hakusho. It's little bit outdate I guess #lol but I can say it's still new for me #lolagain

When I was browsing for new Yu Yu Hakusho updates (especially game) I found interesting game which user could play it at Android OS. The title of the game is 幽☆遊☆白書~魔界統一最強バトル~ (Yu Yu Hakusho : Makai Unified Strongest Battle *I think I still have to find the proper English Translation).
The game was released by Klab Games on July 23rd 2014 (I think It's new for us, right?). Of course the language is Japanese XD *I still wait for the English one* The game based on card game and The minimum requirement that needed to play this game is Android OS 2.3 or Higher and it's also worked well at iOS 5 or higher. Well, I'm still looking for the further information, whether it's free or paid apps.

The bad news is this game is only for Japan Residence.

Here's you can read the information, (if you're good in Japanese, of course) :

Google PlayStore (Japanese) - For Android User

App Store (Japanese) - For Apple Products User (iPhone, iPod, iPad)

Here are for the preview of the game :

Preview 1 by youtube user : ソーシャルゲーム チュートリアル

Preview 2 by youtube user : rand scape

Well, I wanna play that game, but since my country have territory block, I can't play it. *sigh*

Oh, in the previous Journal, I wrote about Hiei's new Figure. you can read it HERE.

Yu Yu Hakusho is still updating more interesting things, isn't it? XD
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