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20 October 2014 @ 09:59 pm
Although I'm always offline...  
I know guys, I know. Sometimes it's hard to me to fulfill my promise to stay online here (since I always do active at my facebook).

Here's the point :
1. Sometimes I miss lot of updates from YYH. After I'm back liking it, well... I also start to miss when I was active here, talking about YYH much with friends and community here. But. It's quiet~ more quiet than usual, I guess.
2. I miss I just can back to several years ago. Let's see... 4 years ago? Ah It reminds me with the superbad English of mine...

I'm just wondering, how do they do? Are they still liking YYH like before?

well, it's just random post of mine. Skip it if you want to.
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♥Angelineangelbott on October 21st, 2014 12:30 pm (UTC)
Well at mfc do have update some goodies and figures of YYH.. ^^ I brought like vol. 1-4 of http://myfigurecollection.net/encyclopedia/60341_yu_yu_hakusho_rubber_mascot_vol_4

my love of YYH never dead. xD
Felicia Novitafelicia_fei on October 30th, 2014 03:41 am (UTC)
Me too! Especially after I did re-watch the show! It makes me wanna look for another YYH stuff~ and Oh, Cute Rubber Mascots! Sadly, YYH stuffs are not much being sold here... :(
roxyryokoroxyryoko on November 19th, 2014 07:06 am (UTC)
I buy everything on this website: http://slist.amiami.com/top/search/list?s_keywords=yu+yu+hakusho&submit=Search&pagemax=40

I can never find any YYH stuff at conventions or hobby stores anymore. :(
Felicia Novitafelicia_fei on November 19th, 2014 01:46 pm (UTC)
I see. I think I'll check that link, maybe there is / are stuff that I wanna buy :)

Yep. that's true, YYH stuffs are rare lately.. :(
roxyryoko: yusukeroxyryoko on November 10th, 2014 09:20 am (UTC)
I forever love YYH. I cosplayed Keiko. Yeah, it's just quiet on Livejournal now and I am old now with a job!
Felicia Novitafelicia_fei on November 12th, 2014 03:26 pm (UTC)
Me too! Oh wow, did you cosplay as Keiko? I wonder where I can see it :) Actually, I start to do cosplay as well...
roxyryoko: yusukeroxyryoko on November 19th, 2014 07:05 am (UTC)
Yes! :D Some pictures are here: http://www.acparadise.com/acp/display.php?c=73419 and on my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ryoko-and-Yami-Cosplay/162057050481980

What did you cosplay as?
Felicia Novitafelicia_fei on November 19th, 2014 01:51 pm (UTC)
I love your Keiko Yukimura Cosplay! It's nice! :)

Let's see... I cosplayed as :
- Lenne (songstress) From Final Fantasy X-2.
- Yuna (Songstress) From Final Fantasy X-2.
- Cinque From Final Fantasy type 0.
- Stella Nox Fleuret from Final Fantasy XV.
- Yuna Summoner From Final Fantasy X.

you can see them here :

For Yuna Summoner :

To Be honest I also had cosplayed as Yui Hirasawa from K-ON, but since there were some missing parts, I'll upload it later :)

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